Flake drove along the street, whistling to the song which currently played in the radio.
The wind which came through his opened car windows calmed him. It was a hot morning already and he didn’t want to think about the temperatures in the afternoon.
It was half past nine and he promised Till that he would be there around ten.
He would be meeting him in the studio, maybe some of the other members as well? But Till didn’t mention anybody else.
Arriving at their studio after some time he got off the car stretched himself and looked at the morning sun which already burned down at him.

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    "Gute nacht, Flake...", Till replied in a whispering voice, squeezing him a little as he curled up to him. He had a...
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    "Jute Nacht, Till." Flake mumbled in a rather high voice as he heard and felt Till falling asleep. He squeezed the...
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